Doing It The Digi-Way

Bringing Families Together,
One Digi-Visit at a Time!

We are a 501(c)3 organization that is a network of people helping those affected by incarcerated family members, especially the children.

DigiVisits will bridge the gap between inmates and their families, utilizing technology to create a positive environment for families to visit with incarcerated family members. When a family member is sent to prison, those left behind become the silent victims. Many families suffer economic hardships due to legal fees and/or loss of income. The inmate may be placed in an out-of-state facility which would cause financial strain on the family to schedule travel for a visit. Thus, inmates are dependent upon letters and expensive phone calls to maintain their family connections. The technology of DigiVisits will allow family members for example in New York to see and talk to their incarcerated family member in Florida.

The relative, lawyer, inmate guard will register on this site for visitation time, or be approved for a visit with the Department of Corrections in their state for visitation rights.

The inmate will be brought into the visitation lab at the facility to begin the one hour visit.  Facility personnel will remain present for all visitations. No more crowded and noisy visiting rooms. The visitation labs will provide a peaceful and stress-free experience for the inmate and visitor.

We started out as an idea, molded into a vision, and are transpiring to become a well respected company worldwide. Our sole purpose at DigiVisits is to bring families and friends a little closer to their loved ones who are incarcerated as well as make their visits more convenient and comfortable.

Keith Q. Wilkerson
Executive Director

DIGI - Mission
Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology supporting visual contact for inmates and their families to preserve the family bond and reduce the emotional distress of separation during incarceration.

DIGI - Core Values
Family, Technology, Integrity

 Support the bond between inmates and their families
 Reduce the emotional stress of separation
 Promote successful family unity after incarceration and reduce recidivism

 Deliver superior technology
 Create new opportunities to meet and surpass customer needs
 Be an industry leader

 Adhere to moral and ethical principles
 Treat inmates and their families with the upmost care and respect
 Be consistent in word, action and deed

Virginia Department of Corrections

The information found here contains public record information on offenders sentenced to the Department of Corrections. This information only includes offenders who have been identified as "Virginia State Responsible" and who are currently incarcerated in a Virginia Department of Corrections facility. The Department of Corrections makes no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may contact the Department of Corrections.

If you are a victim of an offender, please visit our Victim Services page for more information and additional resources.

This system is not designed to provide complete offender records nor is it a database of all offenders past and present in our system. For information pertaining to past criminal history, please contact the Virginia State Police.

For questions and comments, you may contact the Department of Corrections Offender Management Unit.

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Let us know who and where you are to better serve you. DigiVisitation will be cost effective,  feasible  and convenient for all in involved; families of inmates and the Department of Corrections.  Imagine visiting that special one who is for whatever reason incarcerated and be able to keep a bond and reduce recidivism. Visit from the privacy of your home or office using your Tablet, PC, Laptop or Smartphone.  Provide us with your info below.