Doing It The Digi-Way

Bringing Families Together,
One Digi-Visit at a Time!

We need volunteers for our next TBD events:

DIGI-Family Cookout
Digi-Kids Kayak Event

We want your FUN, ENERGETIC and NEW IDEAS!

DigiMate is a not just an employee but being part of family with DigiVisits, Inc. which becomes a part of a new innovative organization that is the only NFP of its kind. DigiVisits will be nationwide and global. It will give back to those that are disadvantaged to make a better lifestyle. The reward to see this organization be a success will be tremendous and to take part of history making. DigiVisits is limitless and the majority of work can be at the comfort of your home.

Projects/tasks that need to be accomplished, but not limited too:

  • Internet Research: Finding organizations that DigiVisits can affiliate with and entering them in a database
  • Internet Research: Finding organizations that DigiVisits can offer as a resource for Inmate families and entering them in a database,
  • Internet Research: Finding organizations that DigiVisits can offer as a resource for Inmates after release entering them in a database.
  • Research and writing reports, papers about the statistics, etc… about children and families that have loved ones incarcerated.
  • Mapping/Interactive correctional facilities (jails, prison, and juvenile facilities per state)
  • Research and find Juvenile correctional/detention facilities per state and record population, security level, address, contact information etc… per state and enter in database (have a sample template).
  • Donor database
  • Translate materials and/website
  • Help find and/or coordinate fundraising opportunities/event
  • Help find and/or coordinate sponsorship opportunities
  • Research conferences to attend and log in database
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping/Financials (prefer local)
  • Need assistance in all departments:  HR, Marketing, Development(sponsorship, fundraising), Social Services, Administration)
  • Website updating