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One Digi-Visit at a Time!

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Assisting 200 families totaling 131
Your giving makes a difference and very much appreciated! 

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Show your support for a company who's going to change the way we make visits to incarcerated friends and family members Nationwide. while supporting the 3.7 Million kids who suffers due to this.

If you know of a company or an individual that will contribute to our goal, we would love to discuss details and our vision moving forward in our success. The contribution will be more than just donating facilities/buildings/houses. You will be a key partner in providing a healthy life for many families and youth whose parent is incarcerated.

The result of your help and our services means that those affected, many of whom are economically disadvantaged can live engaged, alert, and physically active lives, plus have the resources needed to live a healthy life. Families and children should never be considered excess baggage but valued members of our community. Digivisits is currently assisting (200) families and (131) Digikids in the Richmond, Virginia, and the surrounding area.

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We are accepting donations, slightly used items; clothes, books, toys, gift cards, food, infant/toddler stuff (wipers, diapers, sippy cups,  etc..) shoes etc... We have youth ages 16 months to 16 years along with 2 special needs who have Autism, that can have a great benefit from your donations, suggestions, resources etc.. For more information please email [email protected]  You can also send a message to us at end of this page or call 804.554.9336 (if no answer please leave a detailed message). 

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Seeking Video Tutor teachers, volunteers  to assist us to make this happen.  Need a take charge, work unsupervised and passionate of our youth and families to offer tutoring over the internet (Skype) in a one on one home setting environment. College students, retired teachers are welcomed with self-initiative appeal. 

                Inquire more to discuss further go to our Digi-Opportunities page.

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